Scenic Shores Water Company

Water Use Efficiency


The Scenic Shores Water Company is holding a forum on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 12:00PM (noon).

The forum will be held at 17501 155th AVE. SE (Community Park and Pole Building)

the purpose of this forum is to discuss our past water use efficiency and set our goals for the next six years, for saving water, and its impact on the Scenic Shores Water Company.

If you have any questions, please contact Phil Gothro at +1(360)878-0375.

Water is a precious, limited resource.  In the Pacific Northwest, water for our growing population competes with other users that often depend on the same water source.  Other uses can include agriculture, industry, recreation, and maintaining an adequate stream flow for fish.  Using water efficiently is particularly important during the summer months when it rains less and water demand is high.

The Water Use Efficiency (WUE) program increases awareness about how the efficient use of water strengthens the relationship between the reliability and safety of our water supplies.  Using water efficiently is a "proactive approach" to protecting public health.

Water systems can help prevent potential health risks to their customers by efficiently planning and implementing WUE measures, which means fewer emergencies when water supplies are scarce.  Our WUE program enhances our ability to accomplish our mission to ensure safe and reliable water.

When the Washington State Legislature passed the 2003 
Municipal Water Law (MWL) [It is now constitutionally affirmed, as of October 28, 2010] to reform the state's water laws, it accomplished two things:

    1. Added flexibility in the use of municipal water rights to serve growing communities and eliminated some of the risks of losing those municipal rights to the state.
    2. In exchange for this water right flexibility, the law requires municipalities to use water efficiently and required the Department of Health to adopt a Water Use Efficiency Rule.

What are the Requirements?

Washington State has one of the most comprehensive regulatory WUE programs in the nation by requiring municipal water suppliers to demonstrate the efficient use of water.  Specifically, municipal waters must:

    - Publicly establish water saving goals specifically directed towards their customers.
    - Evaluate or implement specific water saving measures to achieve customer goals.
    - Develop a WUE planning program to support the established goals.
    - Install meters on all customer connections by January 22, 2017.
    - Meet a ten percent (10%) water loss standard.
    - Report annually on progress towards achieving goals and water loss.

What is the Purpose of the Water Use Efficiency Rule?

Water systems must have a reliable water supply of water to meet current and future needs.  Using water efficiently help water systems protect against:

    - Temporary water service interruption during peak usage.
    - Long-term or repeated water disruptions due to limited water supply.
    - Contamination of the water supply due to leaky pipes.

The WUE requirements also achieve the following:

    - Contribute to long-term water supply reliability.
    - Promote good stewardship of the state's water resources.
    - Ensure efficient operation and management of water systems.
    - Reduce energy needs and save money.

Who is Affected by the Water Use Efficiency Rule?

Following a June 11, 2008 Washington Superior Court decision, the rule requirements apply to all Group A community water systems.  A Group A system is a system with more than fifteen connections or more than twenty five year-round residents.

See our MWL Legal Challenges page for more information.