Scenic Shores Water Company

Water Drought 2015

Washington State 2015 Water Drought Emergency Status

In response to extenuating environmental circumstances and to better protect the various investments and populations of Washington State, Governor Jay Inslee declared a statewide drought emergency on May 15, 2015.  The declaration can be found on the Governor's website (

The complete and updated status of the drought can be found on the Washington State Department of Ecology website.

How does this affect the Scenic Shores Water Company and its customers?

Due to the reduced snowpack and runoff, Lake Lawrence is currently two feet (2') below normal after-winter levels.  Fortunately, the Scenic Shores Water Company remains confident in its ability to provide continued and uninterrupted water service to its service area throughout the summer and fall seasons.

Unlike California, the many water tables servicing Washington State remain high.  Proactive conservation efforts are on the rise throughout the state, with the goal of stabilizing consumption at sustainable rates.  For more information about the ongoing California drought, you can read this article.

The combined effects of reduction in snowpack and lake levels, increased temperatures, and increased water consumption encourages us to remain proactive about our water conservation efforts.

The Scenic Shores Water Company has found several tools and information to help you with water conservation and increase our efficiency with water usage.  Feel free to check out those items in the links provided below: