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The Scenic Shores Water Company is responsible for providing clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to its customers.  Our belief is "Quality on Tap," and we strive to achieve that goal in all facets of our service.


Department of Health Service Area Expansion Approval


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In Response to an inquiry from the Washington State Department of Health

Water quality: If you follow-up with Sophia Petro over at Drinking Water, she can provide some insight with our ongoing Manganese issue with well two (SO2). A problem we inherited when the Scenic Shores Community Association purchased the water system back in 1996. It was this very issue which caused me, under the advice of Doug Eklund P.E. at Morrissette and Associates, to apply for and receive a ‘Showing of Compliance’ (May-2009) order from Ecology so we could redirect well two’s draw to our other wells.  With this in place we only draw well two (SO2) water five days a month or when peak demand is greatest as in the dry summer months. In addition, we have interconnected well two (SO2) with well one (SO1) thus allowing a blending technique before delivery to storage where further blending occurs. Finally, we’ve also increased our routine flushing from once to twice a year, April and October. Another interesting note, in our 1999 CCR the reported Manganese results were 0.155 mg/l and our most recent results tested (2011) and compiled by Dragon Analytical Labs were 0.074 mg/l. A marked improvement over the last decade wouldn’t you say? I drink our water daily and I find no odors or foul taste. Yes I do see some ‘staining’ in the toilet, but for the most part it comes out with a good cleaning.

Sampling Method: Our staff at Scenic Shores takes monitoring seriously and use the prescribed method in drawing our samples. Additionally, I have Bob Kreb (Evergreen Rural Water) come over every time I have a new assistant to go over the procedure and give a demonstration. We currently use three rotating sampling stations and any follow-ups at designated addresses. Our last ‘hit’ was in January 2009 with an E-coli level one violation. Dept. of Health came out and helped us find the problem and we had it fixed {well one (SO1) casing had developed a hole}. We have had no violations since. A false positive was reported back in January 2013 but the follow-ups proved us clean. At this time we are current on all monitoring requirements as set forth by Sophia Petro and the Office of Drinking Water. We do not pre-treat or chlorinate. We have had no reports of anyone getting sick on Scenic Shores water and this is our first complaint about water quality.

Communication: I wish the complainant had come to us first. How can we diagnose a problem if the customers won’t call us? We do make service calls all the time, but that’s how it goes I guess. Currently, Scenic Shores Water Company maintains a website, which has all contact, testing, reports and other information. We also publish a quarterly newsletter with contact info and water tips. Scenic Shores maintains three phone lines, our main phone is answered 9-5 Monday thru Friday another is for after hours and a third directly to me. Annually we mail out a CCR to all water customers; this last year Bob hand delivered them! Yes that’s right, hand delivered all of them! The association has two open meetings per year where we usually have a water hand out. Questions are always asked and answered. We have a bulletin board at the water tower site to post information also. Finally, we maintain an e-mail list where we can do a blanket e-mail of most of our customers in the event of an emergency. In fact this past week I used it to inform our members and customers about an algae bloom on Lake Lawrence.

Professionalism: Phil Gothro currently holds WDM 2, CCS (12124) licenses with no violations. Bob Zimmerman is the assistant, holding WDM 1 (A2121) and CCS (12124) licenses. There is someone ALWAYS on site, so if a problem was to arise we can respond in a timely manner.  Your management team has attained all CEU (Continuing Educational Units) required by the Washington State Department of Health for the current cycle ending 2015.  Scenic Shores Water Company holds a “Green” operating permit with no violations, and maintains a six-year current operational plan on file.  The most recent Sanitary Survey (July 2013) found the Scenic Shores Water Company to be in full compliance with the Washington State Department of Health.