Scenic Shores Water Company


This is the list of our current rates for services offered.  Many of these rates are covered by existing Washington State Utility and Transportation Commission Tariffs and Scenic Shores Community Association Board of Trustees.

Monthly Rates for Scenic Shores Community Association Members (Set by Board of Trustees)
Base Rate: $28.50 per month per hookup
First 1000 cubic feet of water: $11.50
Each additional cubic foot: $0.028

Monthly Rates for all other customers (Set by WA Utilities and Transportation Commission)
Base Rate: $46.75 per month per hookup
0-1000 cubic feet: $1.15 per 100 cubic feet
Each additional cubic foot: $0.028

Washington State Public Utility Tax (Set by the Washington State Department of Revenue)
Distribution rate: 5.029%.
For more information, call (360) 878-2204.

To Obtain Water Service
Application for service connection and/or water service must be made to the Company and fees paid before any connection is installed or water service provided.  For more information, call (360) 878-2204.

Before you move to a new location, either inside or outside of our service area. please notify our Customer Service Department so that we can arrange final meter reading and send you a final bill for your old account.  Please contact us at least 72 hours before moving at (360) 878-2204.