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We recently detected, located, and repaired a major break in our water supply lines.  It demonstrated the great partnership and collaborative relationship we have with our community members and customers.  We continuously strive to supply excellent water service (Quality On Tap!), and getting the opportunity to partner with our community towards this endeavor is always welcome.  A special 'Thank you!' to everyone who participated in the repair process.
And we received the all clear on water quality (Test Results).


A Day In The Life
The Scenic Shores Water Company are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to protect your drinking water.  We regularly test our water at all three sources and send them to our partner labs for thorough analysis.  And in the unfortunate event that a component begins to fail, we proactively repair our lines and fixtures to ensure uninterrupted operations of tour water supply.  Here are some pictures we snapped that showcase some of that work.


Annual Inspection Completed
- The Scenic Shores Water Company completed the annual inspection of the water tower.  The inspection consists of leak inspections, corrosion detection, and spot checks for contamination.  Standard servicing of the air filters, debris removal, and clearing surrounding brush was also done.  Great work, Bob!

Water Line Replacement in Well Field
- The Scenic Shores Water Company and Scenic Shores Community Association are working in conjunction to replace the water lines in the well field/park.  This should alleviate the water volume issues that have plagued the restroom facilities the past two summers.  Construction is expected to be completed by April 20, 2013; just in time for the Annual Boat Races.

Expanded Service Area
- The Scenic Shores Water Company has received approval from the Washington State Department of Health to expand our service area; adding forty four new connections (255 to 299) over fifty five acres.  This achievement will help ensure adequate service capabilities for the foreseeable future.  This also helps the company come closer to realizing its full water servicing potential.  Here is a link to our new
Service Area, and DOH approval documents (page 1, page 2).

New Water Distribution Manager I - Bob Zimmerman has recently passed the exam for Water Distribution Manager, Level I.  This now allows the water company to have personnel on site 24x7, in compliance with Washington State law.  This also helps improve our service coverage giving us the ability to respond to concurrent incidents.  Congratulations, Bob!

Backflow Survey Coming Soon - Scenic Shores Community Association members should be on the lookout for the five-year Backflow Survey this Spring, 2013.  As required by Washington State law, WAC 246-290-490, please fill out the form and return to the address listed.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at SERVICES@SCENICSHORESWATER.COM.

Emergency Services? - The Water Company is in the process of evaluating what services the water company can provide during an emergency in case of a wide-scale area event resulting in loss of power.  This investigation is in the preliminary stages at this time and more information will be available as the initial studies are completed.  Stay tuned for more information.

How To Spot Leaks
- It's summer again, and the chances of a higher water bill are more than likely when we're watering our gardens and washing the winter away.  But that could hide evidence of a leak in our water system.  If you see a particular green patch of grass in your area or notice an unusually high water bill, please contact our Service Department.  We'll schedule an inspection to make sure we don't have unnecessary water waste or damage to the system.  We need your help in monitoring and protecting this valuable resource.

Here's how you may help spot for leaks on your property:
  1. Turn off every faucet, fixture, and appliance that uses water, even the ice maker.
  2. Open the water meter's cover so that you can see the gauge.
  3. Mark the rim of the gauge where the needle is pointing (if there are several dials, mark the one that indicates 1-cubic-foot increments).
  4. Leave the water shut off for 30 minutes, and then see if the needle has moved from the mark.  If it has, your plumbing is leaking somewhere.
  5. You can look for signs of a leak, such as sink holes or mushy areas of ground, but you may have to have a professional find it.

Here's a great online article on how we use technology to locate leaky underground pipes.

New Web Home
- After several service problems with our original web hosting provider, we've made a decision to find a new home for our website.  We have finally found a new home and are moving quickly to restore all the services we provided in the past, and quickly deliver more services to support our growing needs.  Thank you for your patience during this trying time.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and input on the new site.

Non-Stop Water - Due to several proactive measures we've put in place over the past several years, the Scenic Shores Water Company was able to provide uninterrupted water service to all of our residents during the latest power outage this winter.  Despite losing utility power for a week, backup systems remained online and operational to continue providing this valuable resource during our time of need.  The Scenic Shores Water Company was one of three companies in Thurston County to continue providing services during this timeframe.  Hats off to those responsible for setting up a redundant, resilient system, and to those charged for its maintenance and improvement.

Water Rate Hike - In an effort to forestall an expected $22,000 shortfall for the 2011 fiscal year, the Scenic Shores Community membership approved a $6.00 rate hike to begin on the September billing.

Good Question - The other day, while on my morning walk, I was approached by Mrs. M. who had been watching news coverage on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  She was concerned if we could survive a prolonged power outage.  I assured her we have two 30,000 kilowatt generators synchronized to pick up the slack.  And to ensure proper operation, they are tested weekly.  Each generator runs on diesel with a 160-gallon capacity, which ensures uninterrupted service for at least three weeks, by that time other arrangements can be established.

Proactive Risk Assessment - With the advent of spring and no major projects on the drawing board, we at Scenic Shores Water Company have decided to do a risk assessment.  As they say, it is better to be "Proactive than reactive!"  This is where we need your help.  If you know of any obstructions on your property where a water line passes, and it could damage the water line, let us know.  The biggest threat we have right now is trees.  Their roots will naturally seek out the water line (it sweats) and either crush or move aside the line causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage.  So that is our goal for the year, to identify and remove those threats to our water lines.  Remember for every dollar we spend in preventative maintenance, we save three in reactive maintenance.

Phones and Messages: I want to talk about our phones.  As you know in Scenic Shores we have terrible phone reception and without an office we are forced to use cell-service, which is spotty at best.  If you need to contact us and get a recording, please leave a detailed message and someone will get back to you.  You may also use to reach us.  Please allow some time for our representative to get back to you.