Scenic Shores Water Company



After the recent repairs, the community has flooded us with praise for swift, seamless, and courteous service.  Thanks to an alert customer, we got a tip and investigated. Sure enough, it was a leak. Thank you all so very much for keeping your eyes open and contacting us. We truly appreciate it. It's our customers who often notice issues even before us here at the water company do. So please do call us immediately if you have issues with your water.

We wanted to share some of the positive feedback with everyone:

   "Thank you for your persistence and attention!  Had a water line repaired on a Sunday.  Great customer service!  Much appreciated." -A.S.

   "We're relatively new to the neighborhood and I just wanted to thank you for taking care of things so quickly and thoroughly, and for keeping us informed on what is/was happening. It seems we're in good hands!" -B.C.

   "Thanks guys for all of your diligence and hard work to solve this problem for the rest of us. And thank you for keeping us so well informed." -S.W.

   "Thanks for the hard work." -C.B.

   "Thank you Bob and Phil. You guys are appreciated for all of your hard work.  Don't k[n]ow what we would do without you." -L.W.

   "Thank you for all you are doing. We’re trying to pretend we’re in Baja and using the old saying “If it’s yellow, let it mellow ... if it’s brown, flush it down”! Hope that helps a bit with water consumption. .... and yes, at times our water pressure is low, but still thankful for clean water delivered to our home. Many people in this world are not so blessed.  Glad to have the water staff we do ��" -J.M.

Here are some of the service compliments and questions submitted by our customers:

    "I love my water!" - K.K.

     "Thank you for the extra effort in keeping <the> water system operational during the 'EXTREME' weather conditions!"  -K,M,B,B

     With regard to the payment dropbox, "Your best idea yet." -F.M.

     "I think you guys are doing a good job and really watching out for the bottom line for this company.  E-Bills are a good financial decision and that's good forward thinking."  -J.P.

     "The water you provide is delightful, sweet, and natural.  Thank you!"  -J.C.

Thank you for your generous words.  Our service speaks for itself.  We will always strive to provide the best service to our customers.  "Quality on Tap" is something we believe in!