Scenic Shores Water Company

About Us


The Scenic Shores Water Company has a strong commitment to the service of its customers in the Lake Lawrence region of Western Washington.

Company board members, employees, and our partners strive to deliver uninterrupted service to our customers.  We stand behind our motto of "Quality On Tap," and resolve everyday to continue upholding this belief.

We continually review our operations and seek to use the latest cost-saving, effective technology to reach the highest standards in service.  Being one of the few Certified Green Water companies in Washington State, we take pride in the recognition of this service.

We periodically send our employees to various training events, expositions, and seminars to gather information on the best practices used throughout the country amongst small to mid-size utilities.  We then use this knowledge within our environment in a controlled manner for continued service and increased efficiency.

We server over 200 customers in the Lake Lawrence area and believe in customer service, the old-fashioned way.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.  You can find our contact information here.

Please review our Water Policies and Procedures