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After recent water main breaks, and subsequent repairs, the Scenic Shores Water Company received the all clear on water quality.  (Test Results)

Service Updates for 2018

The Scenic Shores Water Company was quite busy during 2018.  Besides daily operations work, we completed two major projects.  We completed the Annual Master Meter Maintenance and Water Main Expansion (pics below).  And we have lots more work to do.  We will continue to provide updates on these projects as they get underway.


Blue-Gree Algae Results for Lake Lawrence

July 24, 2017


Dear Lawrence Lake Residents and Users,


A sample was collected on July 19th. The results of the test for Microcystin were 0.5 ug/L (parts per billion), which is below the recreational health advisory limit of 6 ug/L.

The test results for Anatoxin-a were less than the Method Detection limit which is below the recreational health advisory limit of 1 ug/L.

                No advisory is posted at this time


We are asking residents to call if you see algae scum on the shoreline. If you can collect a sample, please use a clean glass jar. Label and refrigerate the sample and contact our office for pickup or delivery directions.

Please pass this information on to your neighbors.  More information about blue-green algae can be found on our website.


If you have any questions please call us at  360-867-2653 or send an email as staff will check email daily for follow-up.




Water Quality Staff


Anna Fretheim ~

360-867-2653 Monday thru Thursday  

Jane Mountjoy-Venning ~ 360-867-2643 

Thurston County Public Health & Social Services 

Environmental Health Division ~ 360-867-2626 

412 Lilly Road NE  Olympia,  WA  98506

Scenic Shores Water Company 2017 Operations and Maintenance

As part of our ongoing mission, the SSWC performed extensive inspections and routine maintenance of the various installations throughout the water system.  Below are some snapshots of the inspection and maintenance.  We will continue to deliver "Quality on Tap" for our customers.


Revised Scenic Shores Water Company Policies and Procedures are now available.

HERE for more information.

Evergreen Rural Water of Washington Spring Conference of 2017

Phil Gothro and Martin Mason attended the Everegreen Rural Water of Washington Spring Conference in Yakima, WA on February 14th, 15th, and 16th. The Conference ran for two and a half days, where they learned new trade techniques, reviewed the impact of new rules and regulations, and networked with other professionals on the latest and best procedures for managing water distribution services. Water Managers must attend 30 hours of class annually to keep their licenses up to date.

The Scenic Shores Water Company services 242 homes in the Lake Lawrence area of Yelm, WA.

With partnerships and relationships throughout Western Washington, the Scenic Shores Water Company uses the best practices approach to water management and utility service.

We take our motto "Quality on Tap" to heart, and strive to keep every customer satisfied with quality products and service.

The official Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Scenic Shores Water Company Tariff can be found here.

WATER RATE UPDATE: A Public Hearing was conducted on October 11th, 2013.  We discussed changes in the utility rates.  These changes only affect our UTC customers (non-Scenic Shores members).

Post Card Bills - There are two new areas on the bills that show the amount due.  The balance shown in BLUE represents the current balance if received by the 15th of each month.  The balance in RED includes the late fee that will be assessed on your account if received after the 15th.


Go Green!  SSWC offers E-Bills!  Please notify us if you want to help save the environment and receive Electronic Bills.  We also offer Direct Debit - set your account up for automatic payments.  Reduce paperwork and eliminate hassle.  Download the for here.


Please take the time to look at our Consumer Confidence Report and Water Efficiency Reports.


For your convenience, a new payment drop box was installed at the base of the water tower.  Payments are collected daily.


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